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CeramicSpeed BB86-Shimano non-coated

Hidden bottom brackets give an air of mystery to bikes. There are several standards, but probably the most common is BB86. It is for an internal bottom bracket designed to work with conventional thru-axle cranks. This CeramicSpeed Race Bottom Bracket is for mating BB86 bottom brackets to 24mm diameter thru-axle bottom bracket spindles. The kind you find on Shimano cranks.

A quick tutorial on the BB86 standard. It refers to bottom bracket shells 86.5mm in width and 41mm internal diameter. The bearings are pressed into cups that get pressed into the bottom bracket shell and leave a 2mm lip showing on either side of the shell. The cups are held in place by steps molded or machined into the bottom bracket shell that match with steps on the cups. BB86 is for road. The same basic design with a 91.5mm bottom bracket width is BB92, the mountain bike version of the same-and this bottom bracket works with bikes that have the BB92 standard.

People are interested in ceramic bearings because the right design can have dramatically less frictional resistance than standard steel bearings. CeramicSpeed is an innovator in bearing technology. They mastered the use of ceramic ball bearings pressed into hardened steel races for both reduced friction and improved durability. You can go faster with less maintenance. Great things both. These are the reasons why pro teams seek out ceramic bearings. CeramicSpeed has the pro teams coming to them, begging for bearings. Even the ones they don’t sponsor might well be using them in order not to be left behind.

If you replace all your bike’s bearings with CeramicSpeed, you could be looking at a savings of 25 seconds in 40km if you’re riding at 48kph. The savings goes up to two minutes if you’re riding at 32kph. Extend that to an Ironman-length ride, and the savings could vary from 1:50, if you’re going 48kph to nine minutes if you’re going 32kph.

When Friction Facts tested CeramicSpeed’s external Shimano-compatible bottom bracket against Shimano bottom brackets, the energy savings was around one watt. Might seem small, but it counts for every second you’re pedaling. Even in an hour, it can add up.

CeramicSpeed utilizes Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls that possess the best possible surface finish and roundness. In testing, the balls are 400% smoother, 128% harder, and 58% lighter than standard steel balls found in most bike components. They’re more than 100% smoother and 15% harder than standard ceramic balls. The balls are installed into hardened steel races in dust-free clean rooms and then checked again before assembly is complete. Not only is low friction the result, but so is increased bearing life. Like three to five times longer than standard bearings.

Another step they take in assuring the lowest-possible frictional drag is using grease they designed as lubricant. It comes in the bearings and a syringe comes with the bearings as well.

The kit comes with two CeramicSpeed bearings, each one pressed into a cup that was machined locally in Denmark. Also coming with are: a dust cover and spacer, and a sticker sheet. You must use the spacers included with the packaging. Weight is 60g.

The CeramicSpeed BB86 Shimano bottom bracket helps you find the savings to not only beat your best, but your best friend.

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