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CeramicSpeed OSPW System - SRAM Red eTap Coated

OSPW System for SRAM

Entirely developed, designed and produced in Denmark by CeramicSpeed, the Oversized Pulley Wheel System for SRAM is a technologic advance for the cycling industry. Matching the highest quality materials with a unique design, the OSPW System delivers lower friction and longer lifetime, improving your competitive advantage. Thanks to the OSPW System for SRAM, the power savings start at 40%, and the CeramicSpeed Bearing inside guarantee a 3-5 times longer lifetime and commonly used standard pulleys on the market. The watt savings with a CeramicSpeed OSPW System for SRAM start at 1.6 watts and up.

IMPORTANT: When travelling, please remember to dismount your entire rear derailleur with an Allen key, as the OSPW System will not fit in most bike travel bags and could be damaged if left on.

Produced and assembled by hand in Denmark, the OSPW System has been developed to deliver optimal riding properties for either road, off-road or triathlon applications. Tested both on the road and in the lab, like all other CeramicSpeed products, the OSPW System for SRAM is proven to be better. Both professional triathletes as well as road teams have already chosen the OSPW System as a permanent part of their racing equipment convinced by the product properties.

Remember to lubricate your CeramicSpeed Bearings properly in order to obtatin the optimal performance and the maximum longevity. When lubricating the chain, when washing your bike or after riding in wet/muddy conditions, it is recommended to lubricate the system’s bearings. To do so, add oil into the lubrication points on the back cage plate, so that oil can penetrate the bearing.

Package contains

- Oversized Pulley Wheel System

- Oil

- Sticker Sheet

- Mounting and Maintenance manual

- Torx T6 screwdriver (for eTap only)

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