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Prologo Zero II TiroX 134 CPC Saddle

An ideal saddle for medium and short distance riding where a frequent change in position is necessary. The flat shape in conjunction with the rigid saddle shell causes a very direct ride feeling. Zero saddle suits all riders with a high pelvis rotation.

The ZERO II saddles are available with the Tirox rail: Light-alloy steel rail that is highly resistant to traction and torsion, it is used in the aviation and aerospace industry because it’s light and strong. Tirox gives a good balance between weight and strength  and it doesn’t fear the normal stress  addresses a bicycle. It has 7mm rail clamp diameter.


Size (mm): 278 x 134 / 278 x 141

Weight (gr): 211 / 213

Rail available:       Nack                7x9,3 mm                   

Tirox                7 mm                          

T2.0                 7 mm                          

Cover: Microfiber

Padding: Light Foam

Color White / Black Team

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