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Selle SMP Glider Saddle 266mm x 136mm

The Glider is the ideal seat for both intensive training and free time cycling. It uses the structure of the Composit model but with comfortable foamed elastomer padding and is particularly suited for people with a medium-large sized pelvis.

Top Features of the Selle SMP Glider


  • Selle SMP completely free central channel
  • Original eagle-beak nose offers flat base for efforts when sitting
  • Raised rear profile avoids pressure on the coccyx when riding on rough roads



  • Weight: 260g
  • Dimensions: 266mm x 136mm
  • Padding: foamed elastomer
  • Body: Nylon 12 filled with carbon fibre
  • Covering: Real leather
  • Frame: AISI 304 stainless steel tube
  • Recommended for: Road and Mountain Bikes
  • Suited for people with medium-large pelvises

Product Data



Weight (g):




Length (mm):


Padding Material:

Foamed elastomer

Rail Material:

Stainless Steel

Width (mm):




It is covered in real leather and has excellent “all-around” features with foamed elastomer padding where the ischial tuberosities and rear rest. It also features Selle SMP's completely open central channel, the original front nose and raised rear support, giving these saddles a fascinating aerodynamic style.

SMP4BIKE: SMP's set a fundamental objective:

"To reduce pressure on the perineum and the consequent pressing of neuro-vascular structures in order to decrease the incidence of genitourinary problems and disorders in cyclists".

To pursue this objective they set further goals: their saddles must have an innovative design and top quality. Research and development activities led to defining exclusive patents with regard to shape, curvature and the dimensions of the various parts that make up the saddle.

The nose of the saddle (Beak):

The characteristic "beak" shape has been designed to provide a flat base for efforts when sitting, for example when facing long uphill climbs and as help in descents, offering greater bike control using the thighs. Furthermore, the most important thing is that the "sensitive areas" are not pressed upward.

The central channel:
The central channel's unusual dimensions permits the "sensitive areas" of the human body not undergo any pressure.

Cyclist's sitting position:
Body weight is divided between the rear and the lower part of the ischial tuberosities. The position is helped by the rear profile shaped of the saddle in such a way to avoid pressure on the coccyx when riding on rough roads.

The length of the bars/frame:
It permits any cyclist to find the correct position on the saddle, making installation particularly simple and efficacious on practically any frame/seat post combination.

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