The Outsiders - Part 1

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The Outsiders 

By: TJ Bottom

"The Outsiders" is a group of free-thinking athletes who have forged alternative pathways in the pursuit of self-expression and progressive creativity.

Cannondale partnered with the iconic Vans family to bring together a collective of artists and athletes in a way that uniquely realizes their shared passion of expressionism. Featuring five athletes who were given complete freedom to craft a tale showcasing their passion for sport and creative expression.

Sam Taxwood’s love for snowboarding and cycling may seem like an unlikely pairing, but for someone who's always been passionate about pushing boundaries, it's been a natural progression. There's something about the freedom of two wheels that speaks to the soul of anyone who's not afraid to take risks. Taxwood hears that voice, and ventures toward it — using his Cannondale Synapse to explore the mountains of the west in a whole new way.

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Last update: June 19, 2023