The Outsiders - Part 2

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The Outsiders 

By: TJ Bottom

"The Outsiders" is a group of free-thinking athletes who have forged alternative pathways in the pursuit of self-expression and progressive creativity.

Cannondale partnered with the iconic Vans family to bring together a collective of artists and athletes in a way that uniquely realizes their shared passion of expressionism. Featuring five athletes who were given complete freedom to craft a tale showcasing their passion for sport and creative expression.

Max Nerurkar is an artist of expressionism. Using a unique palette of art, off-road skating, music and bikes, Max paints a picture of chaotic excellence. Each of Nerurkar’s passions are ingredients that are equally paramount in empowering him to discover a seemingly unbound freedom. A freedom capably enhanced by his custom-art-riddled Jekyll.

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Last update: June 28, 2023