Which Folding Bike is right for me?

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Which Folding Bike is right for me?

Our Brompton bikes offer something for everyone and share features like the elegant and simple fold, curve of the frame, the folded dimensions and joy of the ride.


Choose between different materials. Brompton C Line is our classic made of all-steel, P Line is part-titanium which makes it easier to carry and nimbler around town. T Line is all-titanium and ultra-light for peak performance riding and carrying. Brompton A Line is our essential, affordable all-steel bike.

 A comparison chart of Brompton A, C, P and T Line bike specifications

The Classic All-Steel Folding Bike.

The original design with the 3-part fold, handmade in our London factory since 1975. Compact and robust – it's a seriously engineered bike that’s fun to ride. In the widest range of colours – whatever your ride style, there’s a C Line for you.

Choose your gears, 2, 3, or 6. Select from 3 types of handlebar and seat posts too. Click luggage into place with the front carrier block (included) or add a rack to load up more. Swap out the saddle for a handmade Brooks, get dynamo lighting that you power yourself.

Brompton C Line is available in three models to suit your needs: Urban, Utility & Explore.


Close up of the new P Line rear triangle and drivetrain

Performance. The lightweight transformation.

Weighing 1.55kg less than the equivalent
all-steel model, P Line is lightweight
performance, folded  and unfolded. This meticulously engineered machine thrives
on city roads with its titanium rear 
frame, forks, and all-new suspension block.
Next-level componentry and enhanced
portability features make it faster to ride,
lighter to carry and easier to move around the city in every way.

Available in one model to take on the city:




A Brompton P Line being ridden and the sunlight casting a shadow of the bike and the rider

Brompton P Line Urban:

More than just a lightweight folding bike, the P Line Urban delivers
an exceptional ride experience that stands up to the rigours of the
city with a titanium and steel frame and best in class componentry.
|With an all-new Superlight compact 4-speed gear system,
fine-tuned for city riding. Covers all contours.

Gears: 4-speed

Handlebar: Low/Mid/High

Mudguards: Included

Lighting: Optional

Previously known comparable models: Brompton Superlight  

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