Pedalspot is the registered trademark by KSH Bicycle Sdn Bhd which was established in 1963 under the sole-proprietorship of Kian Seng Heng Bicycle, The Company has then re-organized and relocated to SS2 specializing in retail sales and service of bicycles under the name of Pedalspot (Group) Sdn Bhd. Pedalspot has been chosen to represent the company to resembling its core business dealing with bicycles that pedals are the primary needs to ride the machine.

Cycling has been an ever-popular sport. It is no longer a sport limited to professional riders but now normal and regular riders could also enjoy the sport with affordable cost and thrill. Pedalspot has been providing that thrill and services for many years. The increasing popularity of cycling sports prompted the opening of a 5th outlet by Pedalspot nearby Cheras Taman Len Seng in December 2016 continuing to provide that thrill and services for many more years to come.

Pedalspot aims to popularize cycling consistent with the government’s call to make the country a more healthy society. This website is designed with you in mind, to cater for both professionals and amateur riders. Included here, you would find resource and information of our products and types of professional services we render to keep your bikes in tip-top condition.

Let’s begin and we hope that you would enjoy the virtual tour on Pedalspot.